About Sean

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, minutes from the Walt Disney Studios. My background is in 3D character animation, computer science, music and theater. I’m a graduate of The Stella Adler Academy and Animation Mentor. When I’m not at Disneyland, I can be found lurking around museums, under a guitar, drawing, animating, programing in SWIFT and constantly being inspired on a daily basis thru music, film, photography and art.

Favorite Disney Books: "The Illusion of Life” and “The Nickel Tour”

Favorite Disneyland Music: The “Disneyland Forever” collection and Disneyland Main Street Area Christmas Music. Although, I’ve been known to hum to “Put On Your Sunday Clothes” on Main Street like WALL-E.

Favorite Disneyland attraction: Pirates & Thunder. Hmm, they both have dynamite. I do say “Boom” a lot, actually, from watching so many keynotes by Steve Jobs.

My Disneyland Story

I went to Disneyland every few years as a child. It was a happy place for me. But when a friend of mine convinced me to buy my first Annual Passport, little did I know how big of an impact it would have. From that moment on, I fell in love with Disneyland and I would visit on a regular basis. I’ve been an Annual Passholder ever since. During that first year, I learned more about Walt Disney and he soon became one of my biggest inspirations and a prominent influence in my life. This eventually led me into Animation school for 2 years.

After years of visiting Disneyland, I soon began to miss attractions that had been removed and replaced by new ones. So I began taking pictures of these beloved attractions as a personal keepsake for myself. So I combined my other passion, photography, something my mother had introduced to me as a child. By 2005 it became a personal passion of mine.

Since then, I've been taking photos of the park just for the love of it. Over the years, I've met other incredible Disneyland fans and found this everlasting love that we all share for Disneyland. It's because of them that I was encouraged to share my adoration of the park through photos I've taken over the years. To share the magic that Disneyland holds and hoping the spirit of Walt spreads just a little bit more into the world.

After all the years spent at Disneyland, it has truly become, in many ways, home. I am just happy and content being there. It's filled with hopes, dreams and incredible inspiration.

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