It All Started With A Mou… …ntain

This was the very first photo I ever took at Disneyland with a tripod. It was something I was considering for a while but unsure if it was allowed because I had never seen it done before. Not in the park or posted online. The year was 2005. A time when night time HDR Disneyland photographers didn’t exist yet. Suffice to say, I was incredibly nervous. Almost trembling. I decided on this spot because not only was the view great, but it was a hidden area where my tripod would not get in the way of guests and I could avoid any weird looks. Which seems ridiculous to say now since tripods are so common now in Disneyland. Another neat attribute about this shot was that it was taken during Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary, as you can see the 50th hidden Mickey to the right of the flume drop. When I saw my first long exposure shot of Disneyland appear on the back of my Canon 20D’s whooping 1.8” LCD screen, my mouth dropped and I was filled with amazement and awe. I was undoubtedly hooked at that moment.